How Air Pollution Causes Asthma?

Air Pollution

Envision not having the ability to drive with the windows open in light of the fact that the air in the atmosphere makes it impossible to respire. You may think that the situation seems like something similar to that of a prophetically calamitous and apocalyptic movie, however, it is absolutely normal for individuals with asthmatic problems when the outside air quality is too poor. Many researchers have claimed that air pollution plays a very crucial part in determining the asthmatic condition of the residents of cities and towns.

How Air Pollution Trigger Asthmatic Seizures?

Smoke and air pollution do not tend to cause asthma; rather they act as active triggers which tend to aggravate the symptoms and result in fatal asthmatic attacks or seizures.

What Role Does Ozone Play in Asthmatic Attacks?

One of the main culprits of the atmospheric air contamination is ozone, whose essential unit comprises of three oxygen atoms. Ozone gas is typically found in the world's upper environment where it shapes a defensive obstruction against unsafe rays from the sun, however, it can likewise form in the lower climate, from where it can come into our respiratory system. Under specific conditions, which mostly consists of the warm and sunny days of the summer, ozone gathers in the lower tier of the atmosphere, adding to the already present smog, polluted fog as well as the air contamination, that darkens the city horizons and its skyscrapers. This layer of contamination is an aftereffect of the combined action of the sun and the heat on oxygen along with numerous different substances, including chemicals discharged by industrial plants, power plants, and automobile emissions.

What Steps Should be Take to Prevent Asthma Attacks due to Ozone?

Due to this horrific action of the ozone gas, many local corporations and media outlets tend to alert the citizens about the high levels of ozone gas and also give the safety limits, above which the situation is considered dangerous for the asthmatic patients.

So, in order to avoid any seizure or asthmatic attack during days with high ozone levels in the atmosphere, you should try the following things:

  • It has been seen that the ozone levels are the lowest during the early morning and during the late night. So, it is very important that you should complete all your exercise routine by early morning because as the day continues, the temperature of the atmosphere rises and the ozone levels also keeps on increasing.
  • Try to stay away from the excessive traffic places and freeways and any kind of places where the vehicles are moving in large numbers. You should always remember that staying far away from the cities and towns will not always protect you, since the ozone pollution due to automobile emissions intermix with the atmospheric air and drift thousands of miles into the rural and sub-urban areas.
  • Always keep an asthma action plan in handy and prepare yourself to act calmly in case of a sudden emergency if you get any kind of asthmatic attack or seizure.
  • Try to install ozone air filters in your home. These filters control the amount of ozone entering your household, but it is advisable to keep the windows and doors closed as much as possible on the days with high ozone alerts.

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